HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC   
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Berkshire Hathaway Woodmont

Brentwood, 615-661-7800


REALTORS: The realtors with an asterisk (*) by their name have granted permission to use their name as a references for the services of HABITEC. For a complete list of references please click here. Thank you!

- *Andrea Gaume, agaume@realtracs.com, 516-7444
- Kevin Locklar, klocklar@realtracs.com, 491-8017
- Ann Wehby, ann@annwehby.com, 476-2222
- Ginger Holmes, gingerholmes@comcast.net, 405-0502
- Leah Thomas, lthomas@realtracs.com, 594-4187
- Debbie Ryckeley, dryckeley@realtracs.com , 337-3383
- Fran Stevenson, fstevenson@realtracs.com, 389-1693
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