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Dry Cleaner Buildings

HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC is pleased to announce the completion of a Commercial Building Property Condition Assessment (PCA) of a professional Dry Cleaning Building in Nashville, Tennessee !


 The 2500 square feet building was inspected in May 2009 by Richard A. Acree, President of HABITEC, and Inspector of Record for this project. The Inspection was completed in one day and an abbreviated Property Condition Report was made available to the Client the next day. The building consisted of a two story concrete block building with a flat roof and a foundation consisting of a slab and partial basement.

The PCA involved inspection of the structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and roofing systems of the building. In addition, the stand-alone advertisement sign and parking lot were inspected.

The electrical system was complex and involved a 3-phase system with multiple panels. The HVAC system was complex and involved a powered ventilation system consistent with the use of the building as well as a commercial grade split system for pedestrian comfort.

HABITEC offers Residential (Home) and Commercial Building Inspections and Environmental Services for mold assessments, radon testing and water quality analysis. Our Commercial Inspections include apartments, office buildings, retail, recording studios, churches, industrial distribution centers, gas stations, laundry facilities and more.

Commercial Building Inspections are available for properties including Apartments, Offices, Retail Buildings, Industrial Distribution Centers, Recording Studios, Churches, Gas Stations, Warehouses, Recreation Buildings (i.e. Neighborhood Club/Pool Houses) and more.

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