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Position: Professional Residential Property (Home) Inspector

Part-time or full-time position available. Resumes being accepted now. Position will involve home inspections for residential properties, assisting with commercial building inspections, and environmental services for mold, radon and/or water quality. The applicant can expect to conduct Inspection services within the Nashville Metro Area. Applicants should have the following minimum qualifications:

- 18 years of age or older
- High School degree of higher

- Has not been convicted of a felony or any other crime that adversely affects the applicants ability to perform competently and fully as a Home Inspector

- Has completed 90 hours of Home Inspection training that is approved by the TN Commisioner of Commerce in the performance of Home Inspections and the preparation of Home Inspection Reports, OR, has been principally engaged in the performance of Home Inspections for 2 years and has performed at least 150 documented home inspections
- Has successfully passed the National Home Inspector Exam
- The applicant should be licensed in the State of Tennessee as a Home Inspector

- Has a valid TN driver's license

- Applicant is a legal resident of Tennessee

Preferred Experience and Credits: In addition to the minimum qualifications posted above, preferred experience and credits will include:

- At least 2 years as a Home Inspector with at least 100 inspections

- The applicant should be familiar and experienced with computer generated Home Inspection reports including embedded digital pictures

- Radon measurement certification with NEHA

- Mold assessment training and experience

- The applicant should be able to provide three (3) references from the real estate community of REALTORS

- Completion of a two (2) year college degree or greater

Remuneration: Commensurate with experience. Employee will be paid Inspection commissions and an hourly rate for services not charged as a commission.

Process: Please send resume with cover letter to:
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