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Gutters Gone Mad

 What's Wrong With This Picture? 
Look at the picture below.  The picture was taken from the top of the roof of a new home, looking down into a valley of sorts.  What's wrong?  Is that a piece of debris left over from the roofers?  Or is some new type of "gutter guard"?

HINT:  Gutters should used at the end of the roof, not the middle.

ANSWER:  No, it is not a piece of debris.  It is a piece of gutter installed intentionally toward the end of the valley.  Apparently in an attempt to direct runoff into the gutter/downspout system.  But this is highly irregular, don't you think?  A closer view is shown below.

So it might work, sort of.  But what if a little more debris collects there?  And how much water can it handle?  And how did it pass the municipal inspection?  Remember, it's a new roof!  And how is it held in place there?

Richard Acree


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