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Payment and Fees

Payments:  Payment is accepted using check, cash, or credit cards through PayPal. [NOTE:  If you prefer to use a credit or debit card a card transaction fee must be added to your Total Fee before executing this payment.  Please contact your HABITEC representative for details before completing payment using a credit or debit card.]  For those wishing to pay with credit card directly, simply click on the PayPal button to the right and follow the directions.  If you prefer a HABITEC representative can send you an invoice so that you can enter your credit card information directly to PayPal.  Please call us at 615-376-2753 should you have any questions.  Thank You!
FEES:  Fees for the building inspection services of HABITEC are usually based on the size, age and construction of the structure.

Size is normally referenced off the square footage of the building but adjustments to the price may be necessary depending on the type of building.

Age brings into consideration the issues that develop with time that can affect any building, residential or commercial. The effects of rain, wind, sun and occupancy can all play a role in how the building has aged. Also, over time many buildings undergo changes made by the different owners.

The type of construction can cause the cost to vary as well. Simple one-story rectangular buildings on flat lots are quicker to inspect than multi-story buildings on sloped lots. Other similar issues can influence the cost of the inspection.

Third party inspections for specialty issues such as lawn sprinkler systems, septic systems and pools can be arranged. These inspections are billed directly to the Client as the specialist is not a sub-contractor to HABITEC.
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