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Auction Inspections


Well, it is a sign of the times but the real estate auction is a frequent event these days. At HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC, we have a service that applies to the real estate auction.
Like a Home Inspector Review, where the Home Inspector looks/inspects a property in a manner similar to a Home Inspection but without taking pictures or notes or later writing a report, the Auction Inspection is done in a quick and specific manner to look for "critical issues". The critical issues can be directed by the Client/Potential Buyer but should include structural issues on the exterior, in the crawl space, basement or attic, HVAC and moisture penetration. If the Client has other specific issues they can be accommodated, time permitting.
The critical issues have to be defined due to the limited time allowed for an Auction Inspection. Frequently the property is open for viewing or inspection only 2 hours before the auction begins. On a 5000 sqft house, 1.5 to 2 hours is a limited time to Inspect the house. At HABITEC, the normal amount of time to complete a Home Inspection on this size house is 4-5 hours on-site. Another issue that comes into play is the number of people milling around the property during the time of viewing/inspection. A lot of people can slow the Inspection process down significantly. Regardless, there is usually not enough time to inspect the house in the same manner as during a normal Home Inspection. That is why the critical issues must be decided before the Auction Inspection begins.
The buyer(s) should be present during the Auction Inspection so the Inspector can brief them on any significant issues found. Time is important so it is best if the Inspector can brief the Client/Buyer periodically after completing major areas such as the exterior or crawl space. Since the Inspector is not taking notes or pictures (because there is not enough time for this), it is important for the Inspector to be able to brief the Client/Buyer before a bid is entered.
To buy any house without a Home Inspection is risky business. But a house that is auctioned is sold "as is, where is". There is usually no recourse if significant issues are found later after the house is purchased. Better to know the status of the critical issues before you enter a bid than it is to buy it as is where is and later wish you had not!

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