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Chimney Cap Failure

Chimney Cap Failure


Richard A. Acree

Imagine you are a Home Inspector walking around the outside of the house as you start a Home Inspection. As you walk past the chimney you look up at the top of the chimney and see what is in the photo to the right. Hmmm. That's different. Probably should make a mental note about that and check it out when on the roof. What do you think it is?

HINT: Chimney caps are notoriously famous for coming apart. Especially in older homes. Buyer beware!


ANSWER: The worse case scenario. After later getting out onto the roof, the view in the photo below is what you see. And it's not pretty.


The closeup view confirms the condition of the cap. It has failed and needs immediate repair.





Makes you wonder why someone left it in this condition.


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Richard Acree

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