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Concrete Block Wall Mold

Mold on a Concrete Block Wall, Is That Possible?


Richard A. Acree

Tennessee Mold Assessments/Inspections completed by HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC, can find mold-like material in the strangest of places, like on a concrete block wall. Look at the pic below. How did this happen?

HINT: For mold to grow it needs moisture, food and a surface to grow on. Why does this mold-like material follow the lines of the concrete block wall? And if this is mold, where did the moisture come from?

The closeup to the left confirms we are looking at mold-like material. So how did this get started?

ANSWER: The picture to the right shows a sympathetic crack outside on this same wall. The crack went all the way through the block wall and provided a path for moisture intrusion. The wall and paint are the surface and food (along with some dust from the inside and dirt brought in through the crack from the outside) and there you have it, mold growth on a concrete block wall. Not a lot, compared to what can happen on drywall, but mold growth none the less.

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Richard Acree

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