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Environmental Services


HABITEC is pleased to offer Environmental Services to evaluate for the presence of mold, radon, or water contaminants in your home or commercial building in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

 All of these environmental issues can be dealt with successfully and HABITEC can make suggestions on how to proceed should one or more of these environmental items be detected.  HABITEC Inspectors are trained and experienced in Environmental Services.  We use the latest technology and unsurpassed lab support to process samples quickly and accurately.  As with any random test procedure, the results from our Environmental Services cannot be 100% sure without testing 100% of the structure 100% of the time, a process that is virtually impossible.  However, we can offer reasonable assurance that your structure is free from the effects of these environmental concerns at the time they were sampled.

Ultimately, the Client will decide if all or some of these services are desired.  As with a Home Inspection, the satisfaction and comfort of knowing these environmental issues have been evaluated is well worth the effort.

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