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DISCLAIMER: On this page is a list of individuals who are professionals in the residential and commercial building industries that HABITEC has worked with or knows of through our experience in the industry. These individuals have granted permission to HABITEC to use their name as a reference for our services. HABITEC attempts to maintain a high level of professionalism and respect for the Client and we attempt to associate with other companies and individuals with similar approaches to their business. HABITEC does not offer these names as referrals, nor does HABITEC guarantee or warrant the availability, competence or successful outcome of contracts or agreements between the Client and these offices or individuals.

The following list are those who have granted permission to use their name as a reference for the Home Inspection services of HABITEC! Please feel free to contact any of those listed below directly!

- Laura McSpadden,, 615-579-7651 

- Jamie Granbery,, 615-300-8763

- Paula Cirulli,, 615-596-6583

- Jane Campbell,, 615-596-0169

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