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Sample Reports


HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC offers one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-read Inspection reports in the industry!

Using the latest Home Inspection report software combined with informative and embedded digital photographs, HABITEC Inspectors will prepare an Inspection Report that is a virtual walk-through of your home. Reports are emailed or, for a small fee, delivered in a printed and bound form to the Client. (See the photo on the left)
Each report contains individual categories of the home inspection such as General Information, Lots and Grounds, Exterior Surface and Components, Roof, Attic, Kitchen, Living Spaces, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Laundry Room, Utility or Janitor’s Room, Garage/Carport, Fireplaces, Air Conditioning, Heating System, Electrical System, Plumbing, Crawl Space or Basement, Structural Components, Radon Mitigation System.

In these categories each item that is inspected is graded Acceptable, Functional, Marginal or Defective. Definitions of each grade are provided on the first page of the report. If applicable, an item may be identified as Not Inspected, Not Applicable or Not Present. Following the Inspection Report is an Inspection Summary. The Inspection Summary recaps all the items that were graded as Functional, Marginal, or Defective and are color-coded as such. Although this section may be helpful as a quick review, it is important that you read the entire report.

To view a sample Home Inspection Report, simply click here.  

(These reports are in Adobe PDF format and require a PDF reader. To download a free Adobe PDF reader go to this link:

Inside the front cover of the printed presentation is a list of additional services you may find helpful. From Environmental Services to an annual Home Inspector Review, HABITEC is available to help you maintain your home now and in the future.
Environmental service reports for mold, radon and water quality are normally presented in narrative format. If done separate from a Home or Commercial Building Inspection report, these environmental reports are emailed to the client within 48 hours of completion. If part of a Home or Commercial Inspection, the environmental service reports are attached to the appropriate inspection report. Please see the section entitled Environmental Services for additional information.

Commercial Building Inspection Reports are tailored to meet the needs of individual clients. While it is possible to forward abbreviated Commercial Reports to a client using email, most Commercial Reports are delivered in a printed and bound format.
The end result of a Property Condition Assessment (PCA) will be a Property Condition Report (PCR) that indicates the information obtained during the PCA.  To view a sample Commercial Building Property Condition Assessment Report (PCR), simply click here.

The PCR is an easy to read document that includes the following components:
  • Executive Summary
  • Field Notes and Photographs
  • Key Personnel Interviews
  • PCA Questionaire
  • PCR Document Review
  • ADA Survey
  • Opinion of Probable Costs (Estimate)
  • Environmental Services
Please see the section entitled Commercial Inspections for a complete explanation of each component.

Unique to the Commercial Building Inspection Report is the Executive Summary. This component brings together all the information contained in the other components of the Commercial Building Inspection Report. The Executive Summary is presented in narrative format with digital pictures included as appropriate.
Our customers tell us that they LOVE our reports and that our reports are the BEST in the INDUSTRY!!!
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