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Selling Homes in a Crowded Market




Everyone knows 2007 through 2011 were tough years to sell a home. With thousands more homes on the market than usual it is harder than ever to make a home that is for sale stand out. And it is really hard to get your asking price! There are plenty of reminders of what to do to get your home ready for sale. The list usually looks as follows:

Spruce up the Front Entry
Paint and Caulk Where Necessary
Clean, Clean, Clean!
Listen to Your Realtor

The previous list usually can be completed by the average homeowner. Yet there are two more IMPORTANT steps a homeowner can take that may make the difference in a down market. They are:

Hire a Home Stager

A HOME INSPECTOR'S REVIEW is a comprehensive visual walk-through evaluation of your home from a Home Inspector's perspective. This REVIEW can be used to help sell your home, or can be used as an annual checkup to make sure your home stays in great shape.

A Home Inspector's REVIEW is not a Home Inspection. Unlike a Home Inspection, a Home Inspector's REVIEW does not start end with a written report. In about 2 hours (for a 4000 square foot home), with the homeowner present, a HABITEC Inspector (HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC, 615-376-2753) will visibly check your house in a comprehensive manner. This will include visual observation of the exterior of the house from the ground level, then the interior including the attic and crawl space from their respective entry points. (For an additional charge the homeowner can request that the Inspector enter the crawl space and/or attic for a thorough Inspection)
Since a written report is not produced during the Home Inspector's Review, the homeowner is encouraged to take notes so they can have any issues raised by the Inspector taken care of.
HABITEC believes it is better to find out about required maintenance before the closing is only days away. Last minute "surprises" may have an adverse effect on the timing of the closing, or cause a buyer to cancel the purchase altogether. In a down real estate market it is best to do all you can to separate your home from the competition.
For questions call Richard or Ron at HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC, at 615-376-2753! HABITEC serves the entire Middle Tennessee area. We offer Residential (home) and Commercial building inspections, mold inspections and evaluations, radon testing and water quality analysis.

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