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- Meets and exceeds TN Department of Commerce Rules For Home Inspections standards and rules
- On-site about 1 hour per 1000 sqft for Home Inspections, +/-, depending on age, occupancy, foundation, etc
- Meet or exceed the standards and procedures specified by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), ASTM E 2018 (Modified), for commercial building inspections

- Range of Home Inspections includes
     1000 sqft to 12,000 sqft
     age from 100+ to new
     list price from $150,000 to 3.3M 

Affordable: - HABITEC offers competitive rates and unsurpassed service to make our fees very affordable 
- Inspectors available 7 days/wk (except for holidays)
- Multiple Inspectors for high profile or complex Inspections
- Multiple Inspectors for ease of scheduling/greater availability
- SentriLock Affiliates, so we can access sites without the need for a REALTOR to be there

- Professionally trained – Trained by professional agencies such as Kaplan/ITA for Home and Commercial Building Inspections, IAMM and ESA for Mold Assessment, and Auburn University for Radon Testing, as applicable (varies by Inspector)
- Licensed by the State of Tennessee
- Computer based report with digital pictures
- Technology equipment such as digital laser thermometer, digital moisture meter, Continuous Radon Monitor
- References are listed on our website, with their contact information


- Licensed by the State of Tennessee
- Insured
- Commercial Liability included
- E&O Insurance extends to REALTORS as well
- References are posted on our website

- Company policy is to be on site 15 minutes early
- Reports emailed normally within 24 hours

Customer Satisfaction:
- We spend time with buyer on site to answer questions, review findings
- We encourage buyer to attend the Home Inspection
- We encourage buyer to call us with questions

- Existing Home Inspection
- Home Inspector Review (Maintenance Inspection)
- Pre-Auction Inspection
- Warranty Inspection
- Pre-Listing Inspection
- Commercial Building Inspections
    Distribution Centers
    Apartment Buildings
    Commercial Retail Buildings
    Home Owner Association Recreation/Pool Buildings
    Recording Studios
    Medical Services Buildings
    Gas Stations
    Dry Cleaners
- Environmental services
    Mold Assessment
    Radon Testing
    Water Testing

- All Home Inspectors have the SentriLock Card to facilitate entry into the home and save time and money for others.

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