Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to the place where you live, breathe, work, and invest in.

You should know exactly what you’re dealing with. We can tell you.

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  1. When you call Rob – Yes, he’s the one you’ll talk to! – you’ll understand what you actually need and be able to schedule an inspection that works with your schedule.
  2. Have the inspection. (Roughly 2 hours per 1000 square foot.) Rob does all the work here, so you can sit back and relax!
  3. You’ll receive a comprehensive report with details and images. Want to know what that means? Download a sample report!
  4. Feel confident and secure in your investment with a clear idea of what you have and how to move forward.


HABITEC Home & Building Inspections is Rob Dirienzo. Licensed and certified, Rob is here in Nashville, Franklin, and Middle Tennessee to help you understand what you’re dealing with and what your home or commercial building needs.

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