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Commercial Building Inspections

Commercial Building Inspections 

are available for properties including Apartments, Offices, Retail Buildings, Industrial Distribution Centers, Recording Studios, Churches, Gas Stations, Warehouses, Schools, Day Care Buildings, Recreation Buildings (i.e. Neighborhood Club/Pool Houses), Dry Cleaner buildings and more.  

Our inspectors are trained to provide Commercial Property Condition Assessments (Building Inspections) in accordance with a modified version of the ASTM International Standard E 2018-01.

The purpose of a Commercial Building Inspection is to provide a baseline Property Condition Assessment (PCA) of commercial property.  Working with our Clients, HABITEC will provide a menu of services that could be included as part of the PCA.  Our service options include systematic methods to provide the following: Walk-Through Survey, Document Review, Key Personnel Interviews, Abbreviated Tier II ADA survey, and Environmental Services.  Fees vary based on services requested.  Please call us for a quote.

Systems and components included in the survey are the site, utilities, structural frame, building envelope, roofing, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, venting, electrical, vent transportation, and interior elements.  

The result of the Commercial Building Inspection is called a Property Condition Assessment (PCA).  The PCA is presented to the Client as a written report called the Property Condition Report (PCR).  The PCR is an easy to read document that includes an Executive Summary as well as detailed information to describe the general physical condition of the property, the apparent level of preventative maintenance exercised, and a summary of any significant deferred maintenance.  Digital images are incorporated throughout the PCR to support information gathered from the walk-through survey, document review, key personnel interviews and environmental services.  If requested by the Client, attached to the PCR will be copies of records from the local municipal building and fire departments and copies of prior repair and maintenance documentation.

As you can see, HABITEC offers a complete and flexible menu of professional services to meet your Commercial Building Inspection needs.  Please click on CONTACT US to schedule a time to discuss your particular requirements.


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